Take the journey through Brigitte’s first book, “Thou Art Whole”. It takes you through a riveting ride of the ups and downs she has experienced while trying to “find herself”. The transparency of this book is impeccable, as she feels that everyone has had the experience of not truly knowing their true purpose in life. She chronicles her life through high school to adulthood, plainly stating that most of our issues start very young and are then negatively reinforced. She is very candid about her relationships, whether it is familial, church hurt, boyfriends, and even a failed marriage. You are also going to experience one of the most hurtful experiences of her life, burying a parent. Brigitte feels that if this book can help at least one soul, it would be worth re-living some of the painful memories of her past.

0 She so eloquently states, “We have ALL been through some mess. If someone tells you they haven't, they are lying!! This is my journey from whole MESS to WHOLENESS! If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!” In this book it is evident that Brigitte is truly a humble, willing vessel and that through it all she came out WHOLE!


  "Thou Art Whole": My journey to wholeness

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